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Welcome to Abbey Chiropractic                      

where caring for you is our business!’

Marie has recently been invited to join an exciting new organisation comprised of a team of neurologists, GP’s, radiologists and chiropractors around the country dedicated to improving the diagnosis and management of all headache types in primary and secondary care settings.                     

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What is Headache Clinics UK?

Headache Clinics UK (HCUK) is an organization dedicated to assessing and treating headaches including migraine.

Our aim is to help you with your headaches through the best in:

  • Assessment
  • Treatment
  • Management

We have a network of clinics around the UK and access to some of the most experienced headache specialists.

Whatever your situation we are here to advise you and arrange for appropriate treatment at a time and place that suits you.

Our team:

  • Neurologists
  • Chiropractors
  • Councellors
  • Radiologists

When To Contact Us

If your headaches (including migraine) are affecting your personal or business life then call us now and see how we can help you.

There are some occasions when you have a headache that you need to contact a qualified health professional as soon as possible;

  • in the very young or very old
  • new onset
  • very acute
  • causing unusual symptoms
  • associated with fever, skin rashes, vomiting
  • the result of recent head injury


Why Our Approach Works

HCUK has brought together a range of clinicians and skills to help diagnose and offer the full scope of treatment options.

  • Evidence based approach to help you receive the most appropriate management for your headache
  • Established and validated guidelines as advocated by all of the main headache organisations in the UK and overseas
  • Accurate diagnosis to determine which type of headache you have in order to focus the management
  • Arrange for imaging such as MRI to help in the diagnosis
  • Treatment approaches include medication, physical therapy and if required counselling
  • A team approach, as utilised by HCUK is recognised by most authorities as the best approach to headache management.

Headache Facts and Figures

Migraine and chronic headache, both of which result in a high impact on the sufferers' daily lives, are experienced by approximately 12% and 4% of the general population respectively. (DoH 2004)

Worldwide, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), migraine alone is 19th among all causes of years lived with disability (YLD's). For example, social activity and work capacity are reduced in almost all migraine sufferers and in 60% of Tension Type Headache (TTH) sufferers. (WHO 2008)

It has been calculated that in the US, 300,000 people stay in bed each day due to headaches. (ESC 2006)

Migraine and Headaches account for 4.5m NHS consultations per annum. (IMS 2008)

10 – 20% of adolescents have headaches. (NHS 2008)



What is Physical Therapy?

Research has taken place into the effects of a range of physical therapy interventions for headache and migraine, some of which are listed in the reference section of this leaflet.

Physical therapy in its widest context can include:

 Spinal Manipulation




 Dry Needling

 Soft Tissue Release Techniques

 Stretching Regimes


Physical Therapy in

Headache Team

Headache Clinics UK has brought together a range of clinicians and skills to help diagnose and offer the full scope of treatment options. Physical Therapy does not replace medication but offers another option to those who may not be able to take medication, to those who have not responded or by working in conjunction with medication. Physical therapy is accepted as an integral part of any headache management programme. The majority of guidelines from across the world, including those in the UK NHS, validate a multidisciplinary team approach .

HCUK currently uses chiropractors alongside neurologists to provide assessment and physical treatment as they are trained in physical manipulation, mobilisation, soft tissue work and rehabilitation for spinal related conditions. In addition their 5 year training includes neurological assessment and neuroscience. Apart from Osteopaths, in the UK Chiropractors are the only healthcare practitioners for which manipulation and mobilisation skills are developed throughout the whole of their training. Our chiropractors must also complete further training in headache management to remain listed with HCUK.

Why Physical Therapy?

For those experiencing infrequent migraine with known triggers the benefits of physical therapy are uncertain. However, it has been found to help with underlying factors that may initiate or prolong the migraine.

For other types of headache, particularly cervicogenic and tension type headaches it can be key to their resolution. The aim of physical therapy is to help reduce headache intensity, frequency, and/or duration of the attacks. Many theories exist on the way physical therapy works for both migraines and headaches with spinal manipulation consistently shown to have positive effects. The source of the headaches is thought to be in the joints of the neck (facet joints).

Muscles have also been shown to be a source of headaches with pain referral patterns coming from large and small muscles of the neck and jaw. For example, the trapezius muscle is often found to be overused in headache patients particularly during activities such as computer work, causing muscle fibre contractures that, in the case of the trapezius can refer pain up the neck and into the temple.


 The following are just a few quotes from Headache Clinic UK patients

"The daily migraines were really hampering my work and leisure time, making it very difficult to concentrate. Serious instances meant all I could do was try and sleep in a dark room. I missed work on several occasions and family events. Since starting treatment at Headache Clinics UK the migraines have virtually all stopped. The constant underlying pain has gone which has vastly improved my quality of life." Mr J (2008)

I am very happy with Headache Clinics UK where I attend to resolve a consistent headache experienced for many months. From the initial contact and through all the treatments an in depth knowledge of my problem and treatment options were given, many times with the aid of diagrams or models to illustrate my problem. Within two or three treatments, the pain that I was experiencing reduced significantly and with the exercises that were given to me to perform at home stayed at a minimum without me having to resort to prescribed medication." Mr C (2009)

I have suffered from migraine (suffering nausea) and bad headaches for over 15 years. I was constantly on painkillers (taking every day). Since the first treatment I noticed an improvement in my condition. I would recommend Headache Clinics UK for migraine treatments as I must admit I was sceptical at first, thinking the only way I would be 'cured' was through more tablets. Mrs W (2009)


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