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Patient Partnership Quality Mark


Local Chiropractor Wins National Quality Award

Mariť Broodryk of Abbey Chiropractic was awarded the ‘Patient Partnership Quality Mark’ (PPQM) by The College of Chiropractors at a ceremony held at the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists in London on 1st February. Mariť Broodryk, pictured, accepted her award from Mr Hew Helps, Chair of the College’s Lay Partnership Group. In addition to the award Abbey Chiropractic was one of only three to receive ‘highly commended’ status on the night.


The award was initiated in 2006 by The College of Chiropractors to recognise excellence in meeting the expectations patients have about their chiropractic care. The PPQM award is given to those practices that meet patient expectations in a wide range of areas including: accessibility, booking systems, out-of-hours cover, cleanliness, safety, privacy, communication, patient education, record keeping, other forms of care offered and cost of treatment.

Maureen Atkinson, Chair of the Chiropractic Patients Association (CPA), said that “as one of the sponsors of the Patient Partnership Quality Mark, the CPA knows from their members how valuable the award has been in encouraging clinics to go that extra mile in the care they provide for their patients. We congratulate Abbey Chiropractic on achieving such a standard of excellence.”

At Abbey Chiropractic our motto is Caring For You Is Our Business and we believe that having this prestigious award means that the industry has also acknowledged that fact. We hope to maintain our high standards and will continue to strive to do better in the future.

Mariť Broodryk has also been continuing her work with Headache Clinics UK (HCUK) and Migraine Action (MA), one of the UK’s leading headache charities to design and carry out valuable research in the area of using physical therapy in the treatment of headaches.  Mariť has undergone further training in headache management under the guidance of Dr Andrew Dowson, head of Kings College Hospital London Headache Department. Unfortunately the majority of headache patients are not getting the correct diagnosis, treatment or support and very few are offered physical therapy or know that physical therapy techniques can help in the management of headaches. Together with HCUK and MA, Abbey Chiropractic is striving to change that.

As a professional member of The National Osteoporosis Society, Mariť is continuing to offer private bone density scanning direct to public using Dexascan technology to help in the detection and ultimately the prevention of Osteoporosis or brittle bone disease. Most people are unaware that they are osteoporotic until they fracture a wrist, hip or even their spine causing tremendous pain and disability. However a simple, painless scan can provide accurate and important information about the bone mineral density and whether medical treatment, supplementation or lifestyle advice is required. Once a Dexascan is completed and the results analysed by Mariť this advice will be given in a private and confidential environment.

Should members of the public have any questions regarding chiropractic treatment, headache management, Osteoporosis or bone density scanning please feel free to call into the clinic or make a FREE 15 minute Chiropractic Health Check appointment with Mariť to discuss your concerns. Our telephone number is 01284 706570. We look forward to meeting you!