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PPQM (Patient Partnership Quality Mark)

Abbey Chiropractic Clinic in Glastonbury Road, Bury St Edmunds and Stowmarket Chiropractic Clinic in Stowmarket have been awarded the Patient Partnership Quality Mark (PPQM) by The Royal College of Chiropractors.

The PPQM is awarded to chiropractic clinics that demonstrate excellence in meeting patient expectations in a range of areas including accessibility, cleanliness and safety and patient communication. The decision to award the PPQM is made by a panel of patients and public who form the Royal College of Chiropractor’s patients committee.

The PPQM has been held by Abbey Chiropractic for the following years:

2012 - 2014

2015 - 2017

2018 - 2020

2021 - 2023

2024 - 2026

Stowmarket Chiropractic Clinic has held this award as follows;

2010 - 2012

2013 - 2015

2016 - 2018

2019 - 2021

2022 - 2024

The award of Patient Partnership Quality Mark recognises this clinic's commitment to meeting the expectations our patients have when they visit us for advice and treatment. The aim of our clinic team is to continually improve our levels of service and the award encourages us that we are achieving this. We are proud to have retained this award for the last nine years and we feel it demonstrates our continuing efforts to do our very best for our patients

Marie Broodryk
owner of both clinics and principle chiropractor said:

CMQM (Clinical Management Quality Mark)

Abbey Chiropractic Clinic in Glastonbury Road, Bury St Edmunds and Stowmarket Chiropractic Clinic in Stowmarket have been awarded the Clinical Management Quality Mark (CMQM) by The Royal College of Chiropractors.

The CMQM is awarded to chiropractic clinics that demonstrate excellence in terms of operating within a structured and managed clinical environment. Applicants must demonstrate excellence in a range of areas including clinical audit, incident reporting and patient satisfaction.

 The CMQM has been held by the Abbey Chiropractic Clinic for the following years:

2014 - 2016

2017 - 2019

2020 - 2022

2023 - 2025

Stowmarket Chiropractic Clinic has held this award as follows;

2023 - 2025

The award of the Clinical Management Quality Mark recognises this clinic's commitment to operating in a professionally managed environment. The aim of our clinic team is to continually improve and the award encourages us that we are achieving this. We are honoured and proud to have this award as only 50 clinics across the UK have achieved this accolade

Marie Broodryk
Clinic Principal


From the moment I first went to see Abbey Chiropractic, I have felt valued as one of their patients.  There is always a warm welcome and a big smiley hello as you go through the door.  The treatment I have had from Marié is second to none, and her relaxed manner is very comforting but her professionalism always shines through.  I would highly recommend Abbey Chiropractic to anybody.



I have suffered from back problems for approximately 25 years.  I have used Chiropractors for the duration of this time and can recommend this form of treatment for this and associated complaints.  I have used Dr Marié Broodryk for approximately 13 years at this and at her previous practice.  I can highly recommend her to any prospective clients (and have done so in the past).  The quality of service from her and her staff are second to none.  I can honestly say that she is by far the best of the Chiropractors I have used.



I always have confidence that the treatment for my back and neck problems will be professionally done. 

What I particularly appreciate is that, over my many years of treatment I have never thought I was being asked to return for multiple visits when unnecessary.  My condition is regularly monitored, but if it worsens (usually my fault), I can book up early and be dealt with sympathetically, not admonished.



Both of us see Marié for different complaints, Tony was the first, suffering with a twisted pelvis for which Marié provided intensive treatment over a few months.  He recommended her to Elizabeth who has long suffered with disc problems requiring surgery on two occasions.  Headaches were a side issue of this, which Marié greatly helped.  What we receive is not a cure but it has helped us both to manage our problems.

Marié is very willing to work with other health professionals in a holistic manner to the benefit of her patients.



Congratulations on a successful 1st year at the new Clinic.  I have been treated by Dr Marié Broodryk for approximately 8 years, during this time I have been treated with dignity and respect in a very professional manner.  There have been times when I have been in so much pain and Marié’s expertise has given me back a better quality of life.  Where would I be without you!  I would strongly recommend this practice to everyone.



Thanks to Marié and her expert treatment I am free from pain and enjoying life to the full again.  The friendly staff and pleasant surroundings combined with professional approach immediately put you at ease as you enter the door.  I would say to anyone who is thinking of having chiropractic treatment don’t hesitate, go straight to Abbey Chiropractic.



When I first became Marié’s patient several years ago, I needed very regular treatment to realise my back pain.  This condition gradually improved thanks, I’m sure to her skilled therapy and I required less frequent visits to the clinic.  When Marié opened her own clinic a year ago I had no hesitation in transferring to her for the half yearly check-ups, which are all I usually need to ensure that back pain no longer features in my daily life.  Anyone suffering from back trouble could do no better than to see Marié for treatment.


We have been with Marié for a number of years, having followed her from previous employer and were only too pleased to support her when she decided to go it alone!!  She is always available and extremely professional.



A highly effective service which generally keeps my back on the ‘straight and narrow’  A very friendly and helpful booking service and lots of excellent ‘follow-up’ advice.



We would highly recommend Marié’s excellent professional and friendly service.  Her chiropractic care is second to none and our treatment has been very successful.  Together with the caring staff we would not hesitate to introduce anyone to their expert and caring service.



Seeing Marié on a regular basis has been a godsend.  All the staff have been kind and friendly, and always very welcoming.  The proceedings carried out have always provided relief from my back pain, and I have always been grateful for the ease that has been provided after the treatment allowing me to carry on with little discomfort on a daily basis.



Abbey Chiropractic has saved my life!  Without the regular treatment I receive at this friendly, attractive practice, I would not be able to work or indeed generally move about properly!!  The staff are helpful, very knowledgeable and friendly and always able to help with or cater for my busy schedule!!



I would recommend Abbey Chiropractic, as Marié has always been very competent with my various back and neck problems.  She has worked with my son and daughter too.  Marié works professionally and looks at the whole person she is quick to recommend things to help your problems and is always honest in her dealings with you.  Marié has a great sense of humour too, which is very important when dealing with pain!!



It started with a stiff neck, but had developed into pain in my shoulders, neck, arms and hands.  The pain was some of the worst I had ever experienced.  A friend suggested his chiropractor.  I’d never had treatment from a Chiropractor before, so I was a tad apprehensive, but the pain was enough to spur me on.  My job is physical

and I go to the gym 3 to 4 times a week, I could not work or sleep.  Something had to be done.

First impressions were very good.  The Abbey Chiropractic reception was very professional, from the décor to the friendliness and knowledge of the receptionist.  I was soon to learn that this professionalism extended to the whole practice.

My first appointment with Marié Broodryk was an extensive health check and examination.  The chiropractor knew exactly what the problem was, and where the pain was emanating from.  I was advised that there was not a ten minute cure, it took about 5 sessions of manipulation and massage, together with a simple home exercise routine (with ice packs) to rectify the problem.

The treatment I received was not the sort of treatment you receive at say a Health Spa, Swedish massage it’s not!  The manipulation is concentrated on the points where the pain is coming from.  It may hurt, but it works!  Marié Broodryk got me back to work and to the gym.  I can also sleep!

Any similar problems in future I will be straight on the phone for an appointment with MY Chiropractor.



For the past year, I have been coming to Abbey Chiropractic Clinic.  As well as being a light, airy and comfortable place to come, the treatment you receive is good.  The girls in reception are polite and cheerful and try to help.  Marié is charming, friendly and a very nice young lady and I would willingly recommend the Practice.